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Tuesday - Teaching MERCY


Where was Jesus on Tuesday?

When it came to declaring God’s mercy, Jesus was unrelenting, clearly on a mission from God, ready to lose anything to attain everything. After the drama of Palm Sunday the brouhaha and commotion of Jesus’ Monday morning cleansing of the temple, Jesus probably should have had some mercy on himself and chilled for the day in Bethany, or head north for safety.

But instead, Jesus walked right back into the temple to face the angry crowd. He didn’t win any friends by declaring the day when not one stone of the temple would be left upon another. Imagine the reaction of the crowd. Herod’s masons had built a seemingly indestructible temple, with massive blocks, the largest measuring 44 feet long, 10 feet high, 16 feet wide, weighing 570 tons. Jesus’ words must have appeared foolish and ridiculous.

But he wanted to dream of a day when every place, not just a sanctuary, would be holy, safe, kind, full of mercy. He kept talking mercy all day. Matthew 22-25 shares 212 verses of his merciful words. Jesus wept over the holy city; instead of calling down lightening, he shed tears, so great was his love, compassion and kindness for them – and for us. Jesus held in his heart the poor, homeless, hungry, imprisoned people – and had so much mercy on them that he told us our very salvation is inextricably bound to our relationship to the least of these.

Is there a place for dreaming in the corners of your mind? Is there a place for dreaming in your heart? Take some time this Holy Tuesday to read Jesus’ words in the temple: Matthew 21:23 – 25:40 and listen for the MERCY.