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Beatitudes, Love Offering, Reformation and Confirmation


Beatitudes, Tanzania Love Offering, Reformation and Rite of Confirmation!

BEATITUDES – This Sunday we will continue our journey in the BEATITUDES from Matthew 5:1-12. 9 times Jesus announces BLESSED ARE YOU! So what does it mean for you and me to be blessed? A few quick thoughts about the nature of God’s blessing in our lives;

We are recipients of the PROMISE. The word for ‘blessed’ is ‘makarios’, which means bestowed, given, received. It is a superabundant joy and an absurd happiness that is bestowed upon us. This was the word used to describe a King receiving the crown. It was bestowed upon him.

  1. We experience God’s blessing in the PLURAL. In the Beatitudes the ‘you’ is plural. There are no solo performers in the kingdom of God.
  2. We experience God’s blessing in the PRESENT. So much of the world’s blessings are always around the next corner; but in the kingdom God promises his blessing in the present.
  3. God’s blessing is PERMANENT! What does ‘permanent’ mean? ‘Per’ means through. ‘Maneo’ means remain.
  4. God’s blessings remain through everything! Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, neither life nor death!

TANZANIA LOVE OFFERING – One week from today Dan & Sonja Dixon, Greg & Judy Nelson, Larry & Sherry Stevens, and Jerry & Roberta Takle will travel to Tanzania and join Sandy Miller for the dedication of the Elder House in Njombe, Tanzania. We have been so blessed by our partnership with the Pastors and people of Kibena and Matiganjola congregations in Njombe. This Sunday we will commission the team at all 3 worship services and receive a special LOVE OFFERING for the team to take to our brothers and sisters in Njombe. Please give a generous gift to the saints in Tanzania.

REFORMATION SUNDAY – This Sunday we celebrate the work and witness of the Reformers as God used them to birth the Protestant movement. Martin Luther was one of the most prominent reformers. You can watch a ten minute introduction to Martin Luther and the Reformation by hitting the link below.

Click Here to Watch "Martin Luther and the Reformation" for FREE

RITE OF CONFIRMATION – This week your leadership staff has been praying for 53 students who will participate in the Rite of Confirmation this Sunday at 2:00PM. The names of the confirmands are in the October Newsletter which you will receive this week. Please join us in praying that Christ will reveal himself to each of these students throughout their earthly lives.

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!

Paul Johansson